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Microsoft Windows has revolutionized the work stature of every individual belonging to varied age groups and occupations. With the continuous enhancement in the Windows Operating System applications, the usability and efficiency of its resources has increased drastically. These rich Operating Systems allow users to create, save, manage, and communicate their crucial data files pertaining to their office or personal work. Furthermore, with the technological advancement, large pool of users are engaged to highly dynamic and rich Windows platforms such as Windows 10.

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Why Windows 10 is Attracting Tech-Savvy Users?

Engaging & Feature-Rich Interface: Windows 10 is enhanced and fixed with simplified Start menu, which unfolds the plethora of applications and services in a single integrated menu. The immaculate tile-sized options gives user an attention grabbing look, which is specifically accustomed to the needs of touch screens as well.

Enriched Virtual Desktop: Tech-savvy professionals are very much enjoying the virtual desktop called task-view facility. Now, one could easily work with multiple virtual desktops without sidelining a single screen. The incorporation of this technology doesn’t demands the usage of Alt+Tab keys as you can view all the connected desktops at the same time.

Performance-Oriented Email Apps: Windows 10 has revamped the basic email and calendar services as they are now upgraded to function efficiently, and responsively. Furthermore, the Windows 10 email applications has the provision for POP protocol and provides Google Calendar services in calendaring options. Apart from this, there are numerous addictive features of Windows 10 Operating System.

Keeping aside these advantages and intuitive features available in the Windows 10 Operating System, increased reliability on computers has raised the risk levels of Windows data loss as there are unexpected software or hardware malfunctions. There are many unexpected conditions that ruins the normal operations of any Windows 10 OS and ultimately corrupts the Windows data files. Some of them are:

  • Hard drive failure or hard drive sector errors
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Virus or Trojan horse attacks
  • Accidental format of hard drive partitions
  • Operating System corruption error

Above mentioned catastrophic events led to the critical loss of Windows data files, which requires an urgent attention for Windows 10 Data Recovery. Without thinking any other means to perform recovery, you can rely on the Windows Data Recovery software.

Perform Windows 10 Data Recovery for Windows Data Recovery

Windows Data Recovery is the trustworthy Windows 10 Data Recovery software that fiercely scans the corrupt data items of Windows OS and produces the flawless results having preserved properties and formatting of data files. Just accomplish the following steps to facilitate the Windows 10 Data Recovery.

  • Select the desired mode out of Quick Scan, Extensive Scan, File Trace according to the severity of Windows data corruption.
  • Select the desired hard drive partition to nurture the corrupted or deleted data items stored in it.
  • Preview the retrieved Windows data files and select the desired data files to save them anywhere.
  • Click the Recover button to facilitate the uninterrupted saving process.

Windows Data Recovery Supports:

  • Minimal Hardware Specifications: Pentium Class Processor, 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended), 50 MB hard drive space for installation.
  • Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, and 95
  • Windows Server OS: Windows Server 2016,2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, and 2003